Advantages of CGI animation

  • The use of computer generated images and CGI has exploded in animated as well as live action films. Some of the advantages of CGI are as follows:

    • In CGI animation, the director is able to choose any angle for shooting a scene. It also includes those angles which would have been impossible or tough in a live action film.

    • Filters, lights and colors are added after filming.

    • The body size, makeup and costumes can be changed easily with requirement.

    • All characters can be blend easily with the environment without any difficulty.

    • CGI programs are totally independent to language.

    • CGI contains a very simple interface.

    • The fakeness can be simply added by using different means.

    • It is easy to select any kind of background and environment.

    • CGI is considered to be one of the most powerful marketing strategies.

    • The creation and formation of new images from the imagination is possible by using CGI.

    Today computer technology is going faster day by day. There are a lot of enhancements occurs in the field of computer science. Graphic designing is one of them. The advancement in computer science especially in the field of graphic designing leads to the invention of CGI. One of the most popular things you can now do is create 3d kitchen.

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